After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in an agricultural school, I reoriented myself and started a training course in the woodworking trades in 2002. I started with a CAP carpentry, then continue my apprenticeship in cabinetmaking. I get my CAP in 2004.

After a few years of experience in different companies, where I learn in particular the realities of the trade and the taste for detail, I decided to perfect my technique and my know-how at the School of Ébénisterie d’Avignon (ESEA) . Among other things, I tackle sculpture and more complex assembly and finishing techniques. I start to create my own pieces. I earned my level 4 diploma in 2008.

Two years later, in 2010, I moved to Paris. First of all, I set up my workshop in Aubervilliers, where I work as a self-employed entrepreneur. I then continue my journey to Montreuil, where I found my company in 2014. My activity is divided into three poles for individuals and professionals: – custom-made joinery: library, dressing room, nursery, shop, bookshop, restaurant, etc. –

cabinetmaking, with the realization of small furniture: table, coffee table, desk, sofa, console, headboard, etc. – and my original creations For the well-being of interior spaces and its occupants and for the environment, I favor the use of healthy, ecological and sustainable materials, from the choice of raw materials to the finishing product.

I particularly like to combine wood and metal in my creations, I plan to complete my technique by training in ironwork art. In 2016, I participate in the exhibition RECREATION organized by ZELIP and photographer Julien Dominguez and an interview in the show “Goût de Luxe Paris” on BFM Business.